Top Podcasts: Manager Tools

September 6, 2011

On a recent visit to my office, a friend happened to see my computer while I was updating the podcasts I listen to. He looked at the screen, did a double take and then –  with a distinct tone of amusement in his voice – he said, “Good Grief, Mike. How many podcasts can one man listen to?” –  then needlessly he added – “Get a life!”

I now keep my laptop hidden whenever I’m updating.

Still, despite my friend’s mockery, I thought it’d be useful to share some of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis (Number one is The Guardian’s Football Weekly, but I’m not sure that’s too relevant here).

I’ve mentioned it many times, but my favourite for management is the Manager Tools podcast.

If I’ve managed to learn anything at all over the last five years, a lot of the good stuff has come from listening to Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman’s weekly discussions – punchy, provocative and packed with good practical advice.

Their goal is to help you become an effective manager. Their advice is often challenging –  and sometimes raises an eyebrow. But I’ve found it works for me.

Manager Tools

Recent casts cover –

  • One-on-one meetings with team members
  • Managing your calendar
  • Coaching

Worth downloading!

More podcast recommendations to come….

2 Responses to “Top Podcasts: Manager Tools”

  1. Sandy Millin Says:

    Don’t worry…you’re not the only one! I have about 20 podcasts which I listen to on a weekly basis, and I love how much I can learn from them. I’m listening to the Front Row Daily podcast right now.
    Looking forward to seeing your recommendations.

  2. Sandy Millin Says:

    For aome reason my blog reader is randomly selecting old blog posts and posting them in my feed as if they’re new. This was one of. them, and what brilliant timing. I’m about to become a manager, so this reminder of a podcast I never started listening to is perfect timing. By the way, I’m up to about 30 now 😉

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