Useful Apps: MindTools

November 1, 2011

There seems to be general agreement between people who know me – that if there is any mind out there that needs additional help – it’s mine. So, thank God for MindTools.

The MindTools website is a treasure trove of useful management, career and thinking tips.

The Mind Tools app brings you a great selection of these articles – and is now available for the iPad…And it’s free!

What more could you wish for?

There are articles on everything from French and Raven’s Five Forms of Power (could anyone see that title and not want to read it…immediately?) to anger management (unfortunately the article is about controlling your anger – not how to merge your temper with your newfound knowledge of the Five Forms of Power) to something tantalisingly called SCAMPER.

Download the app and explore!

Here’s a link to the website – and to get the app – iTunes

2 Responses to “Useful Apps: MindTools”

  1. […] for teachers, but some of the tools he shares could be useful for you. For example, I downloaded this app designed to help you improve your management […]

  2. kathryn Says:

    hi Mike. I found this online today and then found the app. I agree, it’s a great resource. Is it worth US$27/mth to access the full range of support tools they offer. I wonder.

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