Lesson Checklist

September 6, 2011

I recently came clean about my dark checklist secret. I promised to share a few.

The first is my Lesson Checklist- A necessity given my inability to remember anything. So, at the risk of been eternally mocked by those of you lucky enough to possess a fully-functioning memory, here it is –

Pre-Lesson Checklist

I scan this before I go into the classroom

1. Homework to check?
2. Lesson aim clear?
3. Photocopies, books & dictionary?
4. Technology, equipment in place?
5. Register

Lesson Checklist

I’ll glance at this during the lesson – I think it’s self-explanatory.

1. Menu on board?
2. HW checked?
3. Feedback – positive – reformulation
4. Board examples in context (chunks)
5. Register signed?
6. Set homework?

After the lesson it’s very simple.

1. What worked?
2. What would you change?