Lesson Checklist

September 6, 2011

I recently came clean about my dark checklist secret. I promised to share a few.

The first is my Lesson Checklist- A necessity given my inability to remember anything. So, at the risk of been eternally mocked by those of you lucky enough to possess a fully-functioning memory, here it is –

Pre-Lesson Checklist

I scan this before I go into the classroom

1. Homework to check?
2. Lesson aim clear?
3. Photocopies, books & dictionary?
4. Technology, equipment in place?
5. Register

Lesson Checklist

I’ll glance at this during the lesson – I think it’s self-explanatory.

1. Menu on board?
2. HW checked?
3. Feedback – positive – reformulation
4. Board examples in context (chunks)
5. Register signed?
6. Set homework?

After the lesson it’s very simple.

1. What worked?
2. What would you change?

Inspiring Teachers!

August 1, 2011

This is more a request than a posting –  I’m writing to ask if you could spare a few moments to share a story about a teacher who has been an inspiration to you.

Here at International House Milan we hold an annual conference for local state school teachers of English. This year’s event will be held on 21 October and we expect at least 150 teachers to attend sessions given by guest speakers from the United Kingdom and Spain.

I would love to start the conference with some inspiring stories of inspirational teachers.

Was there a teacher who helped you achieve the success you enjoy today? Did any of your teachers help you see the world in a different way or encourage you to make the most of your talents?  Anything you might be able to share – from a few words to a short anecdote – would be a great boost for the teachers at the conference.

If you can help by writing a few lines it would be a greatly appreciated. Some people have even sent a short video clip!

Please send your inspirational stories to me using the form here!

Many thanks!


Here’s a link to the blog post I’ve written for International House – http://ihteachers.com/?p=61


Former head of curriculum at the QCA, Mick Waters, gives a talk to teachers about how they teach and how children learn.

Watch the full video at teachers. tv


The George Lucas Educational Foundation was created to address the failure of education systems to keep abreast of changes in the way we all interact. Their vision of a new way of learning is called Edutopia.

The Edutopia.org website is a great collection of best practices and classroom tips. The site also contains a fantastic education and learning video library.

Explore the site here – http://www.edutopia.org/